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LARRY ADVOCATES offers competitive opportunities for qualified applicants who want to have challenging and interesting work, with experienced lawyers. Please email us your resume and transcripts (law school and secondary school) etc.

Legal Associate

LDC Clerkship

Law school internship

General post-qualification internship /apprenticeship awaiting employment

 We Will Contact You

Should we have an opening and your application meets our requirements, we shall contact you to schedule an interview.

General paid internship:

If you seek career growth and fulfillment, look no further. Our name is synonymous with excellence, and we expect nothing less from our lawyers. We train our team to meet and exceed our client’s expectations and work cohesively as a unit. We train you in the new branches of legal practice including PPP transactions, construction law, investment law and public procurement law. Depending on the period of internship, our administration department will package a flexible internship plan that suits your program

We maintain an informal work environment with an office culture that encourages lawyers to cultivate their talents.

Many of the outstanding lawyers and leaders in the profession in Uganda today have had quality experience with us and we have developed a strong reputation in the industry as a breeding ground for top quality practitioners in Uganda.

LARRY Advocates alumni have a prominent network in the fields of Law, Finance, Business and other professions. Former LARRY ADVOCATES Associates include are now employed as judges, and magistrates in reputable law firms or corporate organizations

We have over the years drawn our legal resources from some of the world’s leading law schools – locally and internationally – and we are proud of the fact that we have, over the last many years, attracted some of the most talented lawyers of our time.

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